Welcome to Berd's Innovations -  

We have two wonderful products to share.

Spot-Knot is the most innovative, functional, on line knot tying tool on the market today.  The Spot Knot tool will allow you to add a bobber-stop at any location, directly to your fishing line in seconds, without removing any tackle!

Other uses include:
  • Visual indicator knot for jig and long-line trolling techniques
  • Slip float stop used in river fishing salmon
  • Use as a stop aid to a down-rigger release and as a consistent distance-to-lure reset point

Reel Deal is a fast and easy line spooling tool.  Simply insert your 4 inch or smaller line spool into the tool, secure it with the nut/bolt, clip it to the rod, run the line to your reel and spool away!